Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dr. Walter Williams - An American Patriot

It's rare when you find another person who can express so many of your own ideas in such an eloquent way. Years ago, I discovered Dr. Walter Williams, and I have been reading his columns off and on for about fifteen years. In many ways Dr. Williams is what I should have been. He's an economics professor (I nearly became an ECON major in college), and he has a keen insight on the Constitution of the United States of America, and of the principles upon which the greatness of our land is based. I encourage all to visit his site at George Mason University and to read through some of his syndicated columns, especially for 2009.

Dr. Williams correctly understands that the success of our society depends upon freedom, and that our freedom depends upon strict limits on the power of the government, especially the Federal Government. He is sounding a warning voice that our way life is under assault, and that assault is directed squarely upon the Constitution. His comments on race in American politics are especially important because he can place race in context of principles and politics without fear of being labeled a racist.

Former President Jimmy Carter, and others, recently stated that opposition to President Obama's policies are driven by racist attitudes. I find these comments outrageous and offensive. While I disagree with many of the policies of the Democratic party, I must say that I felt a great deal of pride in America that a black man could be elected by a white majority. In my opinion, it says a great deal about the progress we have made as a nation. Bigotry is no longer an accepted norm. I am happy to follow a black man as my leader, I just wish it was a different black man with political principles and values that I could support. Therefor, when politicians claim that opposition is based on race instead of policies, they are attempting to deflect attention away from the true source of the opposition, mainly the speedy assault on the remaining vestiges of individual liberties in America.

So, thank you Dr. Williams for defending America with your words. I salute you as a man worthy of the esteem I hold for the Founders of these United States.

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